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Web App Development

Backend or Full Stack custom website development; specializing in the Laravel PHP Framework.

Website Maintenance

I offer website maintenance contracts to help you keep your site up with current content and security updates.

Servers & Network

Server or network setup for Small Businesses or Homes. Need better WiFi coverage? Let me know how I can help.

JP Davy

Liquid Robots LLC, started in 2006 by me, JP Davy. The name Liquid Robots, I thought, sounded cool. This is my freelance business that I'm slowly trying to grow into a full time replacement, with the freedom to forge my own way in the business world.

During the day, I'm a full time web developer, and on the IT Support team at Vogue Tyre.

Think I'd be a great fit for your full-time position? I'm open to that too! See My Resume

How To Correct Permission Issues With Laravel Log Files

Today I upgraded php from 7.0 to 7.2 on a Linode server using Laravel Forge. Super easy: click a button in Forge, and it will upgrade it. But then sometimes there are issues...

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How To Restart A Windows Server Remotely Via PowerShell

PowerShell brings a lot of neat tricks to the Windows OS (most of which Mac and Linux have always had, but I digress). If you manage several Windows servers like I do, you've probably found yourself unable to connect with Remote Desktop to a server that has frozen up. PowerShell to the rescue!

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